Neuastenberg, a typical German style timber framed village with 400 inhabitants, belongs tot the Winterberg community area. It is a so called ‘high altitude village’, situated on the slopes of the Kahler Asten mountain, on the main edge of the ‘Rothaargebirge’ or ‘Red- haired Mountains’, between current areas of Rhine and Weser rivers. Neuastenberg, situated between 680 and 780 metres, is a popular winterports area, well accessible bij road via B236 and B480.

Neuastenberg and its surrounding make up a paradise area for (nordic) walking – amators can benefit from many designated walking tours, as well as mountainbikers can, through beautiful nature. The region also lends for motorcycling very well. Within two miles you will also find a bikeparc, climbing parc and a skeleton and toboggan run. Within a few miles there is a 9 hole golf course, an indoor karting track in Neuastenberg, and an outdoor track nearby.

Sauerland, prachtige wandelroutes

Diverse wandelroutes bij Neuastenberg

Winterberg is the best known city and tourist centre in the Sauerland region, having 14000 inhabitants. This former Hanze town exists from the 13th century on, became a spa resort and recently developed a well known international wintersports area at 700 metres altitude, well accessible from Northern Europe. Winterberg has an atmospheric city centre, some pedestrian only streets, shops, bars, restaurants and many facilities for going out. Both in summer- and wintertime, there are many opportunities for leisure. Local restaurants offer outstanding quality, service and hospitality at relatively low costs. Sporting facilities include a bikeparc, toboggan and skeletton run, swimming pool, underroof skating rink, nine holes golf court, karting tracks (both in- and outdoor).


This region / province is also known as ‘land of 1000 mountains’, in the low mountain range in North-Rhine-Westphalia, situated between current areas of Rhine and Weser rivers. Different storage lakes, built for regulation of water supply, offer possibilities for watersports. The landscape is very variable and fascinating: forested mountains, scenic valleys, vast lakes, and meadow scenery crossed by cristal clear creeks and rivers. In between you will discover fairy like villages with timber framed houses and historic centres. The highest summit is Kahler Asten (840 metres) near Winterberg.


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